How Can I Be More Mysterious?

Written by Lucia.


Dear Lucia,

I need to be more alluring...more mysterious. I'm very friendly and funny, but it hasn't gotten me anywhere. I'd like to keep that part of my personality, but I want guys to think I'm a bit mysterious too. What are some things I could do to appear that way? Monique K.

Dear Monique,

Thank you for your question. I think this is something that needs to be addressed. Woman today are letting it "all hang out" – in more ways than one. I've noticed that European women in general are able to be more alluring than American women, so I have to believe it's a cultural thing. I've noticed this difference during the interviews on TV talk shows.

American women talk about anything and everything and are all over the place with their gestures and conversation. Europeans, on the other hand, are usually more reserved and mysterious. I remember Jay Leno telling Sophia Loren on "The Tonight Show" that many women had walked onto that stage, but hers was the classiest entrance.

Being mysterious is about not saying everything that's on your mind. Most guys already think most women talk too much, so cutting back will immediately set you apart from the crowd. Don't always let your whereabouts be known and don't ask too many questions about things that are inconsequential. Don't always return calls right away and don't ask questions such as: Where were you? Why didn't you call sooner? When can we get together again? Most women can't do this, but those that do, come across as confident and alluring.

What do you think are some other ways to be alluring and mysterious?


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