Marry an Older Man?

Written by Lucia.


Hi Lucia,

I'm 23 and I've been dating a 49-year-old man for 7 months. He moved in a few weeks ago and has asked me to marry him. He is really romantic and I love him a lot but when we go out I see people look at us like they are judging me and the age gap between us. Should I marry him or should I break it off? Billie

Hi Billie,

When it comes to marriage, I generally tell people to wait until they are at least 25 years old. That's because the part of the brain responsible for making decisions isn't fully developed until that age. It's crazy, I know, but it has been scientifically proven.

Also, marriage is something not to be taken lightly, and at age 23 it's hard to fully comprehend exactly what you're getting into.

This is the age when you should be sowing your wild oats and dating – meaning, exploring what it's like to be with different types of guys. Please note I'm not saying you should be sleeping with all of them.

However, your guy has already moved in, so unless you're willing to have him move out, continue dating, but please wait until you are more mature in order to decide whether to marry him or anyone else!


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# Aleta 2014-06-12 14:44
I agree ...when I was 23 I started dating a man 18 years older...I stayed with him for 6 years ...and like you said those should have been the best years of my young life. After a while I started noticing the age difference even though he was still ok with it. I left him at age 29 for a guy ten years younger than me. My mother was so happy she had hated my choice of the older man and wanted me to enjoy my life...and be with someone closer to my own age.
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