How Long is the "Rebound Period"?

Written by Lucia.


Hi Lucia,

How long is the "rebound" period?  How long does it usually take before a person can see someone else again seriously after a break up? Mary K.


Hi Mary,

I once read that for every year one is in a relationship, it takes two months to get over it. However, it once took me 4 months to get over someone I'd only gone out with for 2 months, so I don't think there's a formula. It depends on how deep your feelings for the person were, how long you were dating and who initiated the breakup.

Often people leave a relationship mentally and emotionally before they leave physically. This is why sometimes people can jump into another situation right away and it works out.

What you want to avoid is engaging in destructive behavior such as drinking, drugs or jumping into bed with someone new just to feel better. These are all temporary band-aids and will probably have the opposite effect.

Let your feelings be your guide. Don't rush it. Your heart will tell you when it's ready to open up again. In the meantime, spend time with friends and family who make you feel loved.


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