Why Don't Men Like to Shop?

Written by Lucia.


Dear Lucia,

What is your take on men who refuse to go into stores that are targeted for women (i.e. Victoria's Secret, Forever 21)? Is it because they're macho? Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

What would I call a man that didn't want to go with his girlfriend to women's clothing stores? I'd call him: a man! This has nothing to do with being macho.

There are two types of men: the ones that love to go shopping with their girl and see her try on different outfits and the ones that prefer to see the outfits after she has bought them. Don't judge him for it and don't try to force him to join you. How would you feel if he wanted you go to Home Depot or Pep Boys with him? Exactly!

Men are goal oriented and the thought of just wandering around a mall looking, trying things on and possibly not even buying anything doesn't make sense to them. Instead, for women, it's therapeutic. We LOVE to shop! Take a girlfriend or go alone.


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