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Written by Lucia.


Hi Lucia,

How can I pick out the girls that actually want a relationship from those who just want to have fun? I am looking for a relationship now, not just a one night stand? Sean J.

Dear Sean,

It's usually women who want to know the answer to that question. Nice to see that guys are also concerned about this!

The answer is very simple: don't have sex until you've been dating for several weeks or months. If the person is just looking for sex or a one night stand, they won't hang around that long.

Also, look at their lifestyle. Are they out partying all the time or are they seriously working towards something in their life? When someone has a goal, they can't bothered to be distracted by being out at clubs.

Finally, look about their friends.  Are they all party animals or do they have something going on? Remember, birds of a feather flock together.


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