How to Easily Get Your Ex Back

Written by Lucia.

What should you do if someone breaks up with you?  Should you agree with them or beg them to stay?  What about the 30 day "no contact" rule?  Does that work? You actually only need to do 1 thing to get your ex back. Find out what it is in this video!

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  • Charlie
    Do women think about you after they have broken up with you we were together 15 years 2 children we broke up because of my anxiety
  • James
    I already begged and pleaded for my X girlfriend to stay. Obviously that didn't work. Did that ruin my chances of her ever contacting me now that I stopped for almost 2 months ago ?
  • Ben
    We/she just broke up about a four ago. She moved outLived together with her 3 kids in my house. We were together for 18 months. x husband abused her and it ran into the relationship. I lost my job and was very depressed. Now she's angry and confused.
  • Anshul
    we have been together for 3 years but then she left me suddenly I have been texting,calling, for more than 2years now but she didn't replied till now ....i am really very depressed how to get her back into my life...please email me with helping hand.
  • Lucia D.
    @Jesse You should have asked her to explain what she meant by, "Things don't feel the same" instead of saying you were hurt. If she is losing interest, saying you're hurt isn't going to matter to her. At this point, no contact is your best option.
  • Jesse
    The girl I've been in an off and on long distance relationship for the last 4 years with recently said "things don't feel the same". I got angry and texted her back saying I didn't understand and that I was hurt.. it didn't work. Should I no contact?
  • Ashley
    @Chris Hart We just sent you an email. Thanks!
  • Toby
    I've been with my partner for 21 years two kids together two and a half months ago she had her cousin come to me and tell me she was unhappy and wants me to move out neither of us can afford to live on her own she said she don't feel the same
  • Chris Hart
    How can i get in contact with the coach

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