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Have you ever wondered:

Is he/she the one?

How can I get my guy/girl to…?

Why didn’t he/she call?

When should I have sex with him/her?

Is he/she cheating?

Is he/she interested?

Why did he sleep with me and then pull away?

Why won’t he/she commit?

What does he/she want in bed?

Should I break up with him/her?

How can I get him/her back?

Is he/she playing games?

Why am I getting mixed signals?

How can I avoid players/pick-up artists?

How do I meet more men/women?

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Here’s what men and women from around the world are saying about Lucia:


I consulted a psychiatrist on an issue I had already asked you about. He gave me the same advice! - L. Davis

You have keen insight into relationships. You also have a fantastic communication style that really answers people's questions.  Truly a dating expert. -Seth

Nice to see a woman giving men decent advice. -Guy

Love all your advice, it’s golden. -Allegra

I am so happy you are here to help us all with relationships. -Karen

I enjoy how you're a straight shooter and break away from societal standards and clichés. -Jackie

What I find refreshing is your way of re-framing traditional ideas about relationships.  You do it positively and with humor, which is so often missing from so-called therapeutic interactions. -Tony, PhD

You’re a woman who actually knows what time it is when it comes to relationships. -D.T.

I wish I could give you a bear hug. By reading your advice columns, going through your recommended reading and following your advice – I am a very happy woman today. -Cobie

Your advice made me feel much better. Thank you for helping people. You really do make an impact and your words are very wise. -Fabiola

Thanks for explaining something (why women date jerks) that has been making me crazy for years.  This wasn't even dissected this well in psych class! -Eclectic Enigma

This year, I have many Valentines, thanks to Lucia. -Drae

Wow. That is so to the point that it hurts. -Anonymous

You are the L.A. version of Carrie Bradshaw. -RK

Thanks, Lucia.  You really helped me out.  I agree with EVERYTHING.  I wish I had been more careful, but I will bounce back and am trying to just look forward now. -L.S.

You're absolutely right, I will take your great advice.  Your answer now that you have said it seems so simple, why couldn’t I figure this out!  I love your column and your to the point, no-nonsense advice.  You’re the best! -Lani

Thanks for the advice.  Next time I meet a great guy I'm going to enter it with grace and class. -Jessica

You're right about everything…I haven't spoken to the schmuck again since the hang-up. -Jamie

I can honestly say that I am so happy with him now. I backed off like you said to, and things are great!  Keep up the good work -Stephani

This has been my test of a good lover for years (kissing). I've told a million friends about it too, most of whom didn't believe me. Nice to have some confirmation. -Scott

I really feel what you are saying. The art analogy is great and makes perfect sense! I've never looked at it that way. You've confirmed my outlook on dating in general. Thanx! -Oni

You don’t know how much having your perspective is appreciated. -Lina

I may be young, but wish I had someone like you to walk me through my relationship screw ups a lot of people could use advice from people like u keep on kicking ass doing what you do… just wanted to let u know you’ve got a fan for life -Courtney

Do I love you or what my friend, Lucia? How many times you saved me from this kind of a situation! NEVER AGAIN! Been through enough drama to know I no longer wish to go there! -Aggie

You bless me always with your eloquent advice. I would love to read your column in the LA-Times or a nation wide newspaper for the people to discover your qualities and intellect. Indeed you are special. -Frank C. 

Thank you for being straightforward and honest with me. You are so right. Thank goodness for women like you. -Melanie

I LOVE the way you teach women to like and respect themselves when it comes to dealing with men -- no games and no bullshit - and that's very challenging these days. -Dee

Thanks so much for your help! It may be the best advice I've had in a long time! -Roland

Wow that is a different spin than I haven't heard before. Thank you soooooo much. -JT

None more true words have been spoken. -Tifffany

Your answers are first class. -Pasqual B.

Lucia, you are truly an expert! Amen to that! -Earl Stevens

Out of all the advice that I’ve heard today, you made me feel a lot better. I’m out of my slump now. -K.W.

Thank God we have someone like you to shed light on such an awkward topic for most. -Jordan

“Fear and love cannot co-exist.”  Very impressive. Thank you for this. Beautifully put, Lucia. -Nils 

Bless you in your wisdom. Your advice is precious to me and I hear what I am really supposed to hear from it. -Tammy

Boy, this is SOOOOOO TRUUUUUEEEEE??? -Marna

Good stuff Lucia.....seriously. You are right on target. -Mike U.

Amazing advice. You're so smart. -Ula

Your response hit it right on the head (as usual). -Roland

You are amazing and I have total respect for the work you do. -Lynne

Keep doing what you're doing. You're a positive advocate for women who wish to be the same. -Stephen

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